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Our services

Estimation - Sale - Purchase

Are you thinking about a new real estate project and you want to know the value of your property assets?

Our team will be supported by our experienced consultant, accompanying you by providing all the necessary advice and professionalism.

Our added value compared to other agencies derives from our complete expertise in the estimation of personal or real property. Due to its proximity to the Sotheby's auction houses, we can provide you with an overall and coherent estimate of your personal and real assets, which are often linked together.

Rental as you dream it

In the heart of a big city, more and more attractive and connected to the rest of the World and especially in Europe, our rented furnished or bare accommodations offers will best meet your needs and your current familiar and professional situations.

In addition, our rentals have the advantage of being well situated and of satisfying the minimum requirements expected of a rental: quality in terms of finishes, aesthetics and functionality to make it pleasant and optimal to live in.

Caretaking services as intended

Today, the luxury is having time, at least not spending too much time on your real estate plans. Thanks to our caretaker you will earn so much!

Finding the right specialists, being helped for your moving in, being substituted for you for receptions of deliveries or formalities, getting your property managed, recommending the best schools for your children and Lyons institutions to go to, and feeling good in Lyon that you don't have known?

Lyon Sotheby's International Realty supports you with its caretaker services throughout our cooperation in order to keep you only the best part of this life project.